Adoption Stories

Hey All! Sorry, I have been quite the slacker in writing. Not too much has changed lately. I have finished all the paperwork, classes, 2 home visits, and re-finger-printed in order to renew my foster mom license for another 2 years. Everything went fairly smoothly with all that. I continue to focus on respite care... Continue Reading →

How do we heal?

What are important aspects of relationships? What makes good relationships? What makes bad or toxic relationships? Bad: selfishness, lack of trust or respect, abuse ( verbal, physical, emotional, sexual), poor communication, manipulation... Good: Open communication, Trust, Kindness & compassion, Love, Respect, Encouragement... Both these lists could keep going and are fairly consistent no matter the... Continue Reading →

Pick up those toys!!

ME: “Guys, you need to pick up your toys. A tornado looks like it has hit” “I didn’t see the tornado. When did it come through? How big was it?” Spoken from the mouth of a sassy 3 year old girl. Behind her, her 2 year old brother, who is a terror on my hard... Continue Reading →

Whatcha up to??

It has been almost 9 months since I became a licensed foster mom! At this time last year, I was getting the ball rolling, starting the paperwork, and signing up for the classes. At times it seems like that was so long ago and other times it feels like I just finished the training. I... Continue Reading →

Happy National Foster Care Month!!

Foster Care Facts: As of June 2017 there were 3,960 children in the foster care system in Nebraska. The Southeastern part of the state (my region) has had a 12% increase in children placed in the state's ward. On June 30, 2017 792 children in Lancaster county were state wards, the second highest county in... Continue Reading →

The Guilt Will Kill You

I’m serious guys, the guilt is the killer here. Have you ever heard of “Catholic Guilt”? It’s definitely a real thing. I think it was something drilled into me throughout all those years of religion classes growing up in a catholic school. It’s hard to describe. It’s this guilt that can eat at you until... Continue Reading →

Planning and Waiting…

Waiting and waiting and waiting… As a single foster mom, I have been doing A LOT of planning and organizing to make sure I have things as ready as possible for this adventure. For placements, I am only taking ages 4 and under. Realistically I will probably focus more on age ranges 6 months old... Continue Reading →

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